An Unbiased View of Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning has become popular in the United Kingdom over the last decade. This is partly due to an increase in moss growth, which is caused by improvements in air quality. With fewer chemicals such as lead in the air, there has been a notable increase in moss growth on paths and roof tiles in the UK.For this reason, the use of any kind of pressure washing is not recommended. slate roofs are also subject to delamination, making the use of any sort of harsh chemical very dangerous and impacting the durability and lifespan of the roof tiles. To clean a slate roof properly, it is necessary to be gentle in both the approach and the solution.Use Bleach for Effective Cleaning. Bleach is the best way to clean roof shingles. Chlorine bleach will effectively kill any mold that is starting to grow and loosen up many of the stains. To use this roof shingle cleaner correctly you should mix one part of bleach with one part of water. When you apply the bleach do not immediately wipe it off.Roof Sparkle has the answers on how to clean a roof and clean it without damaging your roof. And the best part without using any pressure whatsoever. How they do not sell their product on the open market as of yet. Roof Sparkle comes in for the day and kills all that nasty stuff on your roof. Now, kills is the key word here.Unlike black algae stains which come off immediately with the rinse phase of the cleaning, dead lichen and moss will require a few heavy rains to finish rinsing off the roof. It could take awhile but rest assured that lichen and most moss situations, once dead, will eventually dislodge and rinse off the roof thanks to mother nature.Learn more about cleaning roofs. What to use to clean your roof. How cleaning can affect the performance of the roof. How cleaning your reflective roof can save you money. With pictures and useful links for further reading.I THINK WHEN THEY BOUGHT THE HOUSE THERE WAS NO ROOF ON IT AND THERE WAS A TREE GROWING THROUGH. THE OLD YEAH, WE SPENT A LOT OF TIME CLEANING AND REFINISHING THE HINGES. >> THIS IS THE coolest.soft wash roof Cleaning How to wash your roof safely Best Roof Wash Method – Duration: 5:32. Drew’s Roofing & home repair 23,874 views