Webinar: Semantic Mastery & Outsource Ranking + IndexBear.com

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0:00 Intro with Jacob Hagberg

1:00 Jacob starts going through domains and how you typically get ahold of domains through registrars for SEO purposes

4:00 Different tools for going through domains and checking out a list of domains

7:00 Going through a manual review of bulk domain checking using MajesticSEO

11:00 What drives the topical trust flow? How to find out.

12:00 Checking out the difference between page and domain trust

16:00 What do you see at the URL vs Root?

17:00 Trust Flow to Citation Flow Ratio

19:00 Reviewing referring domains statistic

22:00 Some obvious ways to find domains that have high metrics but have been spammed – quickly get rid of these from your list (unless you’re looking for spammed domains)

23:00 Referring domains to External Backlinks ratio.

37:00 Question: How are you getting these domains?

37:30 Question: Certain pages on an expired domain may have lots of TF/PA rather than the homepage. So would recreate the exact url structure rather than doing a 301 redirect. So this is once you purchase an expired domain

39:00 http://www.indexbear.com/
– Jacob’s domain business – fast way to get good domains without spending the time researching if you don’t want to.

43:00 Question: can we request a general or relevant topic PBN?

46:00 https://www.outsourceranking.com/ – managed PBN – will handle the PBN so that you can just get links, etc

54:00 Showing the inside of oursourcerranking.com

58:00 For promoting affiliate and CPA offers: http://www.seslingshot.com/

1:00:00 Question: Does Jacob have any tips for keeping PBN domains strong for the future?

1:03:00 Some great offers! Good until the end of April 2015!

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