Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 23

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1:00 Announcements: MasterCLASS and IFTTT SEO Academy prices going up today!

2:30 Special Webinar next Thursday – be sure to attend – owner of Outsourcer Ranking and Index Bear will be on to discuss how to use these tools and give out some special offers.

4:00 Should I be as concerned about content on a PBN site if I’m not linking to a money site?

I’m willing to bet that it would make sense to increase domain authority by having more content, especially syndicated content via IFTTT and all the other good stuff you train us to do. Even though I’m not directly targeting a money domain, I’m still getting high DA links to the domain and spreading links over more pages which should increase DA and ultimately the power of my money site links.

Could below average / spun content put my entire domain at risk in this scenario? Same question for curated / syndicated content as well. Is it in your estimation worthwhile to have this automated domain authority stack persisting forever or would the risk offset the potential rewards? What about the effect of syndicating say ten better than average blog pages (hand spun, relevant, non-linked to money sites) versus persistent below average quality content (less relevant, auto spun, non-linked)?

I guess what I’m trying to figure out is whether you tend to see diminished returns from having all of these tiered syndicated links and whether content quality matters as much when it’s content minus links?

Some ideas for content and PBN content from a previous webinar: https://youtu.be/0jtPKE8b-EI?t=28m21s

15:00 Note about WordPress blogs being shut down and setting them up

16:00 Still a little confused on setting up the Tier 2 IFTTT network and how it connects to the Tier 1 network. Maybe you can touch on that a little. And are you using a whole different blogger account for the Tier 2 network along with different Web2.0’s for the Tier 2?

23:00 If I was to have different sites each with their own web address and own networks can I then link these all having one much bigger network. All sites 4-5 are in the same niche or would it be better to keep them separate with their own individual networks.

27:00 Hangouts vs Wirecast? Which option should we use for better rankings when uploading to YT?

30:00 For money site silo with for example 4 categories and 5 posts deep under each silo, how do I structure a blog to regularly post to it. Do the posts support the existing structure of other posts in the silos or completely separate structure eg subdomain with all recent posts on a roll on homepage sub?

35:00 Went to Wirecast today following link in the facebook and it says Wirecast for youtube is temporarily unavailable? Is this correct? http://www.telestream.net/wirecastforyoutube/cb-landing.htm

36:00 Do you create YouTube playlists out of other people’s videos as well?
– Do you mesh your own videos ever with other people’s videos into YouTube playlists?
– What about creating playlists that start with a video from yourself to introduce the playlist and then go on to cue up other people’s videos after that on each topic more like a curator?

38:00 From your test results, how much content actually has to be on a site for it to rank well with SEO?
Do 1 – 5 page sites rank just as well as 100+ page sites?

– I have witnessed top results for some people’s sites who seem to have little more that categories, tags, ads and just a bit of writing.

– I have even spotted sites that look like they are little more than a format and they can rank well.

– Is it that their other sites have so much authority that it passes on to their skeleton sites as well?

– So what are the magical elements that make sites rank well with SEO?

43:00 From your testing, have you found that images or videos are pulling in better search engine rankings when applying SEO optimization?

If there were one focus, would it be to publish more optimized images or optimized videos?

44:00 Would a tool like Kudani work good for curating content?

46:00 So if Tier 1 are branded sites, are Tier 2 networks personna sites?

46:30 Bradley what program are you using to draw out the circles? SNAGIT!

47:00 Another good product for graphics: http://www.thelogocreator.com/

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