Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 21

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00:00 – Introduction
04:00 – How to check for indexed backlinks by Google?
07:00 – Indexed backlinks examples
12:00 – Social Data Hub Partners
13:00 – How to index you Backlinks on Autopilot?



15:00 – Setting up Backlink Commando by Sean Donahoe
19:00 – Creating a Cronjob for Backlink Commando


20:00 – Integration with BacklinksIndexer.com


22:00 – Backlinks Indexer – What is the best?


25:00 – Connecting your RSS with Backlinks Indexer
27:00 – Adding RSS Feeds and Pushing the GO button
29:00 – How to setup a companion site for a YouTube channel?
31:00 – Can I syndicate already existing videos / posts with IFTTT?
35:00 – How do I setup a branded Blogger blog? Which profile do I use?
37:00 – What kind of YouTube description should I be using? How do I rank for many keywords?
41:00 – Which and how many tags should I use?
43:00 – Why is a competitor outranking me?
45:00 – Is social bookmarking still a valid SEO technique?
48:00 – Is tweeting a valid SEO technique?
51:00 – Where to buy social signals? Do they still matter for SEO?
54:00 – Can you talk about the IFTTT method in a nutshell?
56:00 – Can I modify posts once they are syndicated?
57:00 – How do I use Weeblys to increase my rankings?
59:00 – Google Mobile Update – How to turn your site into mobile friendly?

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