Hump Day Hangout Episode 20 Replay

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0:00 Introduction
2:00 Announcements – MasterCLASS and timing:
5:00 Link Building Services Announcement: – boosting IFTTT Networks with FCS Networker and GSA SER
9:00 Showing pricing and layout for the link building service – meant for use on IFTTT Networks and PBNs (private blog networks)
14:00 P1RM clarification – how it’s used / where’s it’s used
15:00 1. Would using Amazon cloudfront as a CDN be a good choice for a wordpress site for both speed and cost versus a $20 p/m cloudflare account? 2. What is your favorite CDN setup for a money site?
16:00 how to you deal with Google dance? I really didn’t care about it when I was only into affiliate SEO but now that I do client work as well, seeing rankings for the the keywords and related expressions I am targeting go down makes me feel very anxious. I know they are supposed to go up later, but that’s a lot of stress and it makes me wonder whether I made the right backlinking decisions.
20:00 Discussing making changes to sites after seeing changes in rankings – how long to wait, why makes small changes, etc
24:00 1) How can I confirm/ensure that all foreign (not mine) RSS feeds I acquire for both the IFTTT Tier 2 process and the separate RSS Academy process have their respective attribution requirements covered? Where do I check within their feeds? I’m 100% newb on that so hoping to confirm so I avoid any pain.
27:00 2) Can I, and if so, what are the considerations/concerns behind using my multiple networks (3 persona-based) for multiple money sites simultaneously – within same niche?
27:00 3) How does article syndication affect outbound links within my articles. For example, an article about joe’s sub shop – where I link to Joe’s – can syndicating that article cause Joe problems with same outbound text links? I’d like to avoid accidentally hurting anyone so hoping to cover that if possible.
29:00 After keyword research, could you go over your strategy for poking a niche and what tools do you use to validate if you’ve done your research correctly? Things like pointing high PR links, PBN links, etc. (SerpShaker:
, SAPE, Networks, etc)
38:00 Branded Networks: I have told 4 real estate clients about my success with my branded tier 1 network and all 4 of them want me to build their tier 1 branded network NOW. I am really nervous and need your guidance.
1. If they give me their Google login should I make sure that there is a recovery email setup that is not a gmail that they give me access to as well so I can let google know I am good to log in and then I use Firefox, clear cache, cookies, CCleaner etc.
2A. If they only want to make me a manager do I have access to G+ profile, G+ Business, and Blogger to add all the links.
39:00 2B. How many people should I be a manager for before it raises red flags with Google. (Note – limit is 50 at the time of the video recording)
40:00 Are the link building and DFY a one-time fee? Yes!
41:00 Why can’t Google just look at your SEO plugins and figure out that you are gaming the system from that. I have disallowed wp-content with robots.txt but as I understand it Google can ignore that.
42:30 Discussion about plugins and how to vary them if needed
43:00 Is there a video training that is just on branded networks and working with real people and real businesses. For Example: Kevin Jones has a gmail account, google+ profile, and a company page for his audio/video business. What are the best steps to setup his tier 1 ring and gain access to his Google account without causing any issues with Google?


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