Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 18


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00:00 Intro – Bradley, Marco and Chris on the hangout
01:00 IFTTT DFY Networks by Semantic Mastery – networks provided up to our standards
05:00 Question by Itay: Can you elaborate a little on the overall site structure that allows you to target multiple cities within the state and multiple business niches within those cities?
12:55 How do we live stream a pre-recorded video to YouTube?
15:50 How many G+ pages are we allowed?
16:00 How do I delete a G+ page?
16:40 Done For You IFTTT Networks?
16:54 Do you have any training about Keyword research? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxMEbgMW2CM
17:30 Do you have training for posting to Craigslist?
18:15 Scott Rogers – What is the suggested workflow to be sure you don’t trigger IFTTT prematurely
20:00 John Quackenbush – Will the site be slapped because I want to have a static video?
21:00 Serp Shaker http://semanticmastery.com/serpshaker

22:00 Braulio – I want to go after industries
Would you recommend building sub-domains to each and then build themed IFTTT networks for each to rank videos?
Is there a recommended max number of sub-domains I should have on a single domain?
23:00 Bradley – I have used this strategy on my own sites
24:00 No limit right now on subdomains if they are themed correctly
27:00 Braulio – I want to lead gen videos for pitching clients?
This is a question which will be handled inside the mastermind
28:00 Welcome to the mastermind BJ Ocampo!
Question about the pre-built IFTTT networks that will be offered inside the IFTTT SEO Academy.
Bradley – these are strategies which are only shared inside the mastermind.
29:00 Scott Rogers – In building a BRAND (for example Wedding Gifts), should the persona accounts be “wedding planner person”, “wedding ideas person”, “dress maker person”, or just a bunch of 25 year old ladies?
Bradley – It’s okay to be more general. Money sites & channels should be kept tight.
31:00 Braulio – what would your argument be if he tells you that he’s already on top of the first page paying for Adwords?
33:00 Bradley – don’t argue against Adwords, say you can do both as a source of traffic and leads
34:00 Should I funnel recipes to the themed sites as well or should that feed go to a separate “persona” T2 ring?
36:00 Bradley – You don’t need feeds if you’re using video syndication.
You want to blend other RSS content at tier 2.
38:00 Gray Kirwan – 1) Is paying for dripped social signals per month to money or PBN web pages worth it in terms of helping rankings and helping to boost a sites metrics like TF?
2) Would using software like syndwire or socisynd be better for helping to keep link juice flowing to a PBN site or IFTTT sites?
Bradley – PBNs must be highly themed with good metrics and have a clean link profile
39:00 Mandy Kendall – My concern is for Google and other search engines penalizing for keyword duplication in the url. How serious is this? Can I ever rank pages with duplicate keywords in the url? Looks artificial to me
40:00 Bradley – Yes, it is a serious problem. Several of my sites dropped 15 to 20 spots until I de-optimized URLs.
42:00 Bradley – Four main things Google looks at before checking the rest of the page.
1. SEO Title
2. URL
3. Page – h1
4. Meta Description
46:00 Braulio – Could you please show, if you have, an example of an IFTTT network themed around an industry (national type network) and a geographically based network highlighting the differences between them?
Bradley – Yes, let’s talk about it in the mastermind
47:00 Braulio – When one of your client’s videos looses rank and goes away from the first SERP, what do you typically do next to get it back on, besides using Syndwire or FCS Networker (since you can’t syndicate twice…)?
47:00 Bradley – Livestream or upload it again.
Build a playlist for that video and add more well-siloed videos
50:00 Charlie Banks – in your video on Serp Shaker you mention renting out videos in different markets. Can you share more about what you would do with those videos when you rent them out?
51:00 Bradley- Stay in control using redirects
52:00 Jason Igus – Can you explain a double 301 and its greatness!
how would use GSA and FCS networker properly with our amazing setup
Bradley – Yes, it is discussed extensively in the mastermind
55:00 Clifton Boston – Uses image for question
Bradley – I would say the bottom one
56:00 Craig Smith – Would you recommend creating one YT channel for all trades or one channel per trade?
Bradley – Use YouTube playlists to create silos – Use a geographic playlist

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