Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 17

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01:00 – IFTTT SEO Masterclass Introduction and Overview
05:00 – Where can I get the IFTTT SEO Masterclass?


06:00 – IFTTT SEO Masterclass Signup Link
07:00 – Do I need to upload videos to my persona’s or tiered YouTube channels?
10:00 – How do I promote existing videos?
11:00 – Can I trigger syndication by favoriting a video?
14:00 – How many networks do I need to rank videos?
15:00 – Can I purchase DFY syndication networks?
18:00 – How do I choose a niche to dominate?
21:00 – Can I be penalized by using the Syndication networks?
23:00 – How does Lead Gadget / Serp Shaker ties into IFTTT Syndication networks?
29:00 – How do I choose the best keywords for my Playlist Silo/Channel?


34:00 – How can I monetize/rent my videos?
38:00 – Do you recommend location or niche based silo structures?
42:00 – When should I use Firefox as opposed to Google Chrome?
45:00 – How do I populate Google sites with automated IFTTT content?
47:00 – What’s the best way to structure and silo a website?
49:00 – Can we have webinar notes and action steps at the end of every week for the IFTTT SEO Masterclass?
50:00 – Is the IFTTT SEO Masterclass included into the Semantic Mastermind?
51:00 – Can you show me an example Silo playlist?
53:00 – Do I need to login into the IFTTT networks/Persona’s profiles so that they don’t die?
56:10 – What’s the difference between Tier 2 and Secondary Tier 2 networks?
58:00 – How do I find “low hanging fruit” keywords to make money quickly?
1:00:22 – What’s more important: To syndicate from my YouTube channel or from my Blog?
1:03:00 – Live IFTTT Results by students!
1:04:00 – Serp Shaker Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lk4gPmyKLY

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