Serp Shaker Demo And Site Build With Semantic Mastery

Serp Shaker Demo – This video shows a live partial build out of a site using the WordPress Serp Shaker plugin and how it can be utilized to quickly build out many pages targeting a wide geographical area.

In addition, details on how to accomplish each step and the tools and resources needed were discussed during the webinar.

Want to get the plugin yourself? Grab it here:

Timestamps are approximate:

2:00 Why we use Serp Shaker (identify kw’s, identify locations, test hundreds of terms, monetize results, duplicate with other methods)
10:00 rankings results
19:00 Live example – building a site using serp shaker wordpress plugin (shortcodes, silos, content, page vs post, etc)
27:00 removing duplicates and working with the US cities spreadsheet
35:00 Building shortcodes and adding all elements before making a shaker page (ad manager, short codes, dynamic shortcodes, categories, silo structure)
53:00 building shaker page
58:00 adding tags and codes, H1 title
1:08:00 Setting up county (regional) pages
1:11:00 strategy – KW testing, market testing, lead gen, ad space
1:29:00 golden niches identified and tested
1:33:00 questions:

What rank tracking software do you use?

How are you linking from posts to page ?

Are you 301 directing categories to pages?

Cloudflare? What’s it for? Do we need it?

Brain Matter Hosting – individual IP addresses?

How would you build silos in youtube with playlists?

Do you do any ifttt linking th these sites?

Have you ever built SS sties using aged / expired domains?

Will Sherp Shaker handle foreign language sites?

Resources mentioned during webinar:

City / County / State spreadsheet (download and use – will run VERY slow in G drive)

Article writing

Spinning software

Spinning VA’s