Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 13

SEO Questions and Answers:

3:00 – How do you get paid with a syndication network? How do you get paid for video SEO?

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7:00 – Best practices for combining PBN links and IFTTT network tier links?
7:30 – Are there ways to pump the Page Authority of the IFTTT properties?
9:50 – Are you using high DA for buffers for any of this?
11:52 – Looking to rank a couple local pages for my company, what else can I do to optimize?
18:45 – Does SEO Centro look at metadata of images too?
19:30 – Does SKYFALL update affect the IFTTT SEO training and use?
27:50 – Can you abbreviate the website name / title to lower the overall optimization?
29:29 – What happens if you no longer have a proxy past 30 days and need to log in to an account?
31:00 – Can you do a one time payment for proxies or do you have to pay month to month?
32:00 – Is there a way to create trigger for other video sharing sites (besides YouTube) like DailyMotion, Vimeo?
36:00 – Does Pro Vimeo account allow you to target commercial terms with videos?


35:00 – Info about Hydravid, new product being tested. At the time it was not working well (may be fixed in the future)

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