Semantic Mastery 16 Jan 2015 SociSynd Link Building Anchor Text

In this members webinar we covered a lot of off site SEO including use of SociSynd for building social links and more (and troubleshooting it) as well as link building off site to your properties. From the money site to tier 1, tier 2, and beyond, we went over it including how to go about getting anchor text right by utilizing branding signals and text along with LSI terms and phrases. Additionally we discussed some of the properties we use to link that included Weebly and other web 2.0’s and press releases.

After that we had some more discussion about silo structure and how to go about getting the most from your on site setup and ranking for the right keywords by using the best setup.

This video is the 15 minute public clip of the full 2.5 hour webinar – join our Mastermind via the link below for access to full length webinars and more.

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