Tutorial On Using IFTTT For Syndication And SEO

Are you new to IFTTT but wanting to find out how this free service can make your content syndication and SEO work easier? If so, you’re in the right place! This video tutorial goes over the basic layout of IFTTT and how you can use it to connect many accounts from web 2.0 platforms, social media websites, and more, in order to automate many mundane tasks involved with content syndication that will result in your sites gaining authority, more visitors, and higher rankings.

For a free download explaining how to set up accounts with recipes, check out http://iftttseo.com/pdf

You can also visit http://iftttseo.com
if you’re interested in the training offered by Semantic Mastery which includes over the shoulder details on how to setup all properties, correctly connect them, and do all of this safely and securly. It’s a training program with no details missing.

The good news is that using IFTTT is very simple – we’ve just made it even easier for people to start using it for SEO related tasks and continually update our information to reflect any changes in the service or the connected accounts.

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