What Will IFTTT Cost You To Use For Syndication?

Are you interested in using the IFTTT platform for syndication and making your SEO work easier? Concerned about another service that will cost you? Good news – IFTTT costs nothing to sign up for and use!

This is an important part of our syndication strategy and provides us with the means to automate a lot of the day to day work that would have to be done otherwise. Once you have signed up for the free IFTTT account you just need to verify via email and then get started connecting accounts and creating recipes (what a connection is called).

For a free download explaining how to set up accounts with recipes, check out http://iftttseo.com/pdf

Getting started with IFTTT is very simple – you could have a syndication network up and running by the end of the day with our tips. One thing that we stress is the manual method of creating accounts pays off hugely over time. The last thing you want is to put all the time and effort into a syndication platform only to have it shut down. This happens much more often with automated software that creates these accounts.