Creating Live Events in YouTube
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With the relatively new feature in YouTube, you can create a Live Event which uses the Google Hangouts On Air platform. The benefits to using these are:

You can optimize the Hangout ahead of time

You get the YouTube URL and the embed code before the broadcast

You can build links to it

You can embed it in a blog post or on a web page and then build links to those

With the ability to create the event ahead of time, you can manufacture a buzz around the event using a combination of links, embeds, and social signals. The more interest you create, the better they will rank.

I have been able to rank for some moderately competitive keywords by using this method. In fact, I’ve seen one of these rank within minutes of the broadcast going live.

In this video, I show how to enable the Live Event feature in YouTube and then give some suggestions on how to get the best results from syndication and promotion.

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Bradley Benner