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1. When you are talking about Domain Authority, what are you really referring to?

Domain Authority is a measure of the strength of a domain. It’s a metric that covers the entire domain including all pages and subdomains.

It takes into account many factors such as referring domains, inbound link count, link quality, and many others. Moz uses over 40 signals to calculate Domain Authority.

Another way to think about it is it’s kind of like a measurement of a domain’s popularity and what it can get away with.

Google sets rules that websites must pass to appear high in the search results. A site with little or no DA, such as with a brand new site, has the strictest set of rules that it must follow.

Conversely, a site with a really high DA generally has much more leeway since a level of trust or authority has already been established.

Consider this, 3 of the most popular sites on the web are, FB, & YouTube. They each have a perfect DA which is a score of 100. That’s why it’s so much easier to rank a blog, a FB page, or a YT video (relative to a new webpage).

We know that you can build links to these types of properties much more aggressively without having to worry too much about getting slapped. We can build way more links, way faster, and be much more targeted with our anchor text and these properties will rank very quickly.

Try that with a new website and you’re almost guaranteed to get punished, if not de-indexed.

So in other words, the higher the DA, the more abuse the property can withstand.

2. How is this different from Page Rank?

Well if you mean Page Rank, that is Google’s proprietary scoring system which has been the Gold Standard for SEO purposes for many years.

PR is an older scoring system, in fact it was Google’s first. It uses similar signals to determine the importance of a web page. PR was a page based metric which is similar to Moz’s Page Authority measurement.

The problem with PR is that it has been historically easy to manipulate, whereas DA isn’t.

3. How does DA influence rankings?

All things being equal, a page on a high DA site will outrank a page on a site with low DA.
Again, we go back to the common knowledge of how simple it is to rank a page or a YT video.

So the trick is to learn how DA effects how a page rnks and how we can utilize this knowledge to our advantage.

4. How can Semantic Mastery help others use use Domain Authority better?

We have some case studies being developed that go into more detail and we will also show how to take advantage of the perfect and near perfect DA sites for our own benefit.

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